Closet Organization Checklist

  • Install double rods. 

  • Add a valet hook.

  • Toss wire hangers.

  • Use baskets.

  • Put jewelry in boxes. 

  • Evaluate and purge on a regular basis.

Small Walk In

A little of everything fit perfectly in a small space.

Gray Walk In

Soft gray melamine.

Gray Walk In

Shoe and pocketbook storage.

Gray Closet

Long and double hanging.

Gray Closet

Shelving, drawers and baskets.

His Angle

Textured closet built into the eves.

His Angle

Designed to accommodate the angles and base heat.

His Angle

Custom slide out trays with dividers.

His Angle

Cut deep and to the angle of the closet to maximize height.

His Angle

Deeper, cut on an angle to give adequate hanging height.

His Angle

Fabric bins, and lined shelves for compartmentalized storage.

Accent Lighting

Lighting up panels to display treasured purses.

Accent Lighting

Purse lighting.

Accent Lighting

Lighting up the shoe storage.

Walk in Coat

Coat closet filled with storage options.

Small Walk In

Maximized storage in a small space.

Floor Based Walk In

Drawers in a small walk in.

Wall Hung Walk In

A closet suspended off the floor adding storage at a better price point.

Long Walk In

Wall hung walk in closet, with access door.

Chocolate Walk In

Suspended closet in wood tone color.

Walk in with Bumped Drawers

With no room for an island, you can still get the feel of drawers by staggering the depths.

Children's Walk In
Maximized Storage

Hutch storage for maximized usage.

Large Walk In

Pull down rods for convenience.

Large Walk In

A hybrid design where some units raise above the floor and some sit on it.

Small Walk in

Lot of storage, in a small space.

Shared Walk In with Window

Maximizing every inch.

Small Walk In

Shelving with acrylic dividers.

Small Walk In

Walk in with baskets.

Spec House

Custom Closet in a Spec House.

Shoe Walk In

A walk in dedicated to shoes and accessories.

Walk In Closets