• Wendy Stites Scott

Top Ten Reasons to "NOT" Customize Your Closet

1- It is fine the way it is.

(There is ample space, nothing is on the floor, all my clothes are located in one closet.)

2- I have no time to go through the process.

(I don't have an hour for an appointment, or the typical one day for installation. )

3- It is too much money.

(Wasting time looking for things in my crammed closet is not a value to me.)

4- I can do it myself.

(I know proper heights and spacing, how to cut and install correctly.. I have tons of patience.)

5- I am moving.

(I don't care about increasing the value of my home, or setting it apart from other sellers.)

6- I have wire racks.

(It doesn't bother me that I have no adjust-ability, inadequate shelf depth and that I have to be mindful of how much I store because it keeps falling off the wall. Wasted space in the corners is where I hide my missing shoes. )

7- My house only has a few small closets.

(I don't worry about getting the most yield out of the space I have now, or creating additional storage with built ins. I prefer to live a minimalist lifestyle. )

8- My builder had the trim carpenters put in painted MDF.

(Having to repaint my closet storage units every few years doesn't bother me. Not having adjust-ability and proper spacing is of no concern.)

9- I am embarrassed to let a stranger see my space.

(An experienced, Certified Designer, would be shocked by what they see. I am sure they wouldn't know what to do.)

10- My closet is shaped weird.

(A "custom" company wouldn't be able to "custom" cut material to work with my unique space.

11... Bonus reason... I am not worthy

(I don't deserve to start my day in a place that was tailored to my needs and wants, and makes me feel good.)

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