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How Much Is A Custom Closet?

Determining the cost of a closet is based on may variables. Size, color, style and extras are all things to consider when working out the budget for your closet.

Size - You can't help what size your closet it. It can be a reach in closet, walk in closet or dressing room. All of which come in different sizes.

Color- White is the least expensive option for a closet. Each company categorizes their color selections in different groups or price levels. What falls into said groups is determined by each company. Different percentage increases are added with each level.

*Solid colors such as Antique white, Almond, blacks and some grays.

*Standard wood tones. There is variation in the color to make it appear like wood.

*Upgraded wood tones. As above.

*Textured wood tones. Wood grains that have a set patterned textured to the material.

*Upgraded textured wood tones. Wood grains that have textures that follow the grain of the material.

*Specialty colors.

Depending on the choice you can be adding between 10-60% to your base price.

Style - How your closet is built and installed.

*Wall Hung. A closet systems that is suspended from a rail or cleat system hung on the wall. This leaves space underneath your closet. It uses less material and is therefore, less cost.

*Floor Mount system. A closet that is installed from the floor up.

*Cabinet System. A closet that is built similar to a cabinet using independent panels and backing.

Extras - The additional upgrades and accessories that can be added to complete your design.

*Doors and Drawers. Their prices also fall under different price levels based on the styles chosen.

*Molding. Crown molding, base molding, fluted fillers.

*Accessories. Baskets, hampers, jewelry storage, and tie racks are a very small sampling of the extras that can be added to complete your space.

*Lighting Packages. Lighting can be added to just a few accent pieces, or the entire design.

* Holes. Most closets are designed for adjust-ability and have holes in the panels for moving parts around. Select Hole Spacing, is picking where you want to have holes. Typically this is where you have a shelf with one hole above and one hole below. No Holes, means you have solid panels with no holes or adjust-ability. In higher end designs, this gives the design a more polished high end look.

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