How Much Is A Custom Closet?

Determining the cost of a closet is based on may variables. Size, color, style and extras are all things to consider when working out the budget for your closet. Size - You can't help what size your closet it. It can be a reach in closet, walk in closet or dressing room. All of which come in different sizes. Color- White is the least expensive option for a closet. Each company categorizes their color selections in different groups or price levels. What falls into said groups

Can I install it myself?

The short answer is yes. There are always pros and cons to everything. For the experienced DIY'er or Contractor, this may be the right path for you. Pro - save money (keep in mind you then pay tax and delivery, as well as determining needed parts if purchasing from a big box) Pro - you know who is in your home Pro - pride Con - you are now responsible for measuring and mistakes Con - time (a licensed installer can do it in a fraction of the time) Con - design (in most cases y

Luxury Details.

Getting closer to finishing. Still a few back orders, and details to iron out. #luxurycloset #closetdesignsnj #customcloset #closetnyc

Rules to Purge by

1- Does it make you feel good? 2- Does it make your life better? 3- Do you see it every day? 4- Is it tattered or stained? 5- When is the last time you wore or used it? 6- Does it fit "properly"? 7- Is it special? - are you honoring it? 8- If it must be stored - store with respect #closetdesignsnj #customcloset #purgemycloset #closets